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  1. laclaud74 said,

    Many thanks for this remarkable blog.
    Since many time i have a great interest about life and works of Anna de Noailles. look at : http://comtessedenoailles.blogspot.com/
    Please would you like me to repeat some of your English texts
    in my blog, citing the source of course. the url of your blog is in now my list of websites
    Best regards and congratulations for your work
    Answer to : laclaud 74@gmail.com

    NB. Excuse my bad english ! I am french man, living near Lyon

  2. Roger Hunt Carroll said,

    Your work with Noailles enchants me! I have also been seduced by her verse. I would like to send you a verse tribute for AN if you will allow it. Will you advise me?

    Roger Hunt Carroll

  3. John Morrison said,

    My grandfather’s sister was Georgiana Daisy Drew known a “Daisy” (born 1878). She was governess to the Comtesse de Noailles in the early 1900’s.
    I have 2 photos of Daisy at Limoges, and Daisy is mentioned in her niece Agnes Humbert’s wartime diary (page 6 of “Resistance”, tr. Barbara Mellor, pub. Bloomsbury Press), a recent publication, where she had a cottage at Vicq-sur-Breuilh. Does anyone have information on the Noailles family at that time, or know of any family connection with Limoges or Vicq-sur-Breuilh – please get in touch with me.
    John Morrison
    – grandson of Daisy’s brother Harry Guy Radcliffe Drew, both 2nd cousins of Agnes Humbert.
    email – johngrmorrison@hotmail.com

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